eMarketing Tools For You is your all-in-one marketing platform. Using the increasing number of tools on this platform, start growing without having to spend thousands!

Success With EMT4U

eMarketing Tools That Will Make You Go Wild!

If you are starting out your marketing campaign, you are at the right place, at the right time. With our set of free marketing tools, you won't need another account, anywhere else. Get access to our fully customized autoresponder (works for unlimited number of subscribers) and splash (A.K.A. landing) page builder free of any charge.
Earn an extra income with our unique affiliate program which will earn you income whenever someone uses your link to use any of our programs.


The Exclusive Autoresponder from
eMarketing Tools For You

Our easy-to-use autoresponder software lets you create email campaigns for your business. Never pay high amounts of money for personalized autoresponder tools which will make your messaging efficient.

AR4U Autoresponder

You take care of your family; we've got your back.

The simple UI of EMT4U Autoresponder makes it a perfect tool both for first-time users and professional marketers.

Not enough? We offer the following bonus tools to make you 100% satisfied

Splash page builder to make awesome landing pages

Create appealing splash pages (hosted by us) to engage those who click your link. Make them an offer beautifully, and they will convert to buyers/customers more willingly, according to statistics.

Web Hosting that is reliable

EMT4U offers webhosting as well as all the above. You can build and host your splash page so that you can track everything yourself. We are giving you all the tools with the best pricing + a great infinitely wide 5-level deep affiliate program, so you can get your friends and colleagues what they need and earn at the same time.

Bonus Tools Web Hosting Splash Page Builder

Still not convinced? Try everything on our platform for marketers FREE. Click here to see a list of all our packages including the FREE one. If you are just starting out, this is a good way to try our powerful eMarketing tools. No matter if your membership on eMarketing Tools 4 U is free or not, you can email unlimited subscribers, WOW!

Join us here at eMarketing Tools 4 U and create the future of your business!

Wait! We offer even more.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are an affiliate marketer, we have a 5-level deep affiliate program which will potentially earn you a monthly residual income of $585.75 (not bad for a free account, right?). Each level can have unlimited positioning, so the width can be infinite. You can have unlimited First-Level affiliates, for example.

Rotate and track your URLs like never before

Our Basic and Pro memberships come with a URL Rotator. You can use this tool to have one URL for a few pages on your website. Each time a user clicks that link, they will see a different page. Easily track these clicks and see what is working for you to get conversions.

Affiliate Marketing by EMT4U
FREE Email Marketing by EMT4U

Set up your first email marketing campaign completely FREE.

You read us right. Every new member will get a chance to send out an automatically triggered email to their list free of any charge. You can email an unlimited number of subscribers with a free account.

Our Mission

We have set sail on a journey of empowering your business, whether you're a beginner or a professional marketer.

Our Vision

On the horizon, we see people not having to spend thousands on their marketing efforts. SMBs dream, we make those dreams reality for them.

What We Do

We are bringing a comprehensive set of tools for marketers to use to grow their business. We do offer a free membership to start with.

Member Testimonial

Thank you for your interest in eMarketing Tools 4 U. We offer three memberships, each with amazing benefits with very reasonable pricing:

Our Plans







No. of Campaigns 1 10 1000
No. of Folowups per campaign 3 10 100
No. of Subscribers per campaign 50 10,000 1,000,000
Daily Broadcasts per campaign 0 2 5
Hosted Splash Pages 1 25 100
Web Hosting 1GB Disk Space

10GB Bandwidth
2.5GB Disk Space

25GB Bandwidth
URL Rotator 1 5 10
URL Tracker 5 50 100
Commission Rates 1% - 5 Levels Deep ($0.15) 20% - 1st Level ($3.00)
10% - 2nd Level ($1.50)
5% - 3rd Level ($0.75)
5% - 4th Level ($0.75)
5% - 5th Level ($0.75)
25% - 1st Level ($8.75)
15% - 2nd Level ($5.25)
5% - 3rd Level ($1.75)
5% - 4th Level ($1.75)
5% - 5th Level ($1.75)

Our Products & Services:

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